ellie (__radlikewhat) wrote in were_so_vain,

do i have the right to be vain?

1 | name: Arielle
2 | age: 15
3 | location: new hampshire
4 | hobbies: going to the loop in methuen, taking trips to boston and newburyport, shopping--obviously, shoes, taking pictures, and design for clothes, rooms, etc.
5 | What are your best physical features?: my eyes? hmm...yes, i enjoy my eyes. they are just too brown. in a good way.
6 | Name some bands or music you like: hot rod circuit, armor for sleep, hint hint, north of america, bright eyes, billy idol, as tall as lions, elliot smith, smashing pumpkins...
7 | What is your opinion on ghosts?: oh i definately believe in ghosts. 200%. i'm just so cool like that...and i do love hearing ghost stories. maybe it's just that i need to believe in it. ooh, spooky.
8 | Post a random picture, not necessarily one of yourself and explain us clear why: because this is Jon and he is my boyfriend forever. And because i'm not kidding.
9 | Name 3 of your favorite movies: moulin rouge, the green mile, reservoir dogs
10| What are you: divine.
11| Where or from who did you hear of this community?: i was invited by somebody...in my journal
12| Name some people who you are going to promote to: black_dahlia13...._never_after_...perhaps more when i think about it.

include !AT LEAST! 4 clear pictures!

me and kira

me and kira again

me at a weird angle

because i'm so rad....

and this is weird and photoshopped but my closed eyes look cute i think.

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