Adolescent Daughter VS. Flourishing Woman Creator (sinthetikdreams) wrote in were_so_vain,
Adolescent Daughter VS. Flourishing Woman Creator

vain.. stamped

Corey looking so cute, and yes a very tired man because he's working EVERYDAY!

He came back, and fell

He looks so comfortable.. ahh..

Yeh.. I can't whore it good.

Playing geetar until daddy came home.

Dad being suprised!!

The suprise...

The Brownie Cake.

Suprise upclose.

Dad feasting on crabs. The biggest pile, is Coreys.. haha.. pig.. lol. <33

AHHH LOOK AT THIS HOT BEAST... grrrrrrrrowwwwlllll


HAHAH.. muahahaa.. yeh, don't trust a chic that has a knife!

haha yeh, were fishys.

Ugh hes so hott...

Goodnight ladies and gentlemen.
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