Elesaurus (r0ttenpixie) wrote in were_so_vain,

do I have the right to be vain?

1 | name: Ele
2 | age: 18
3 | location: Hayward, California
4 | hobbies: photography, web design and eating
5 | What are your best physical features?: I really don't know, i think it has to be my body cuz everyone says I have a nice bod.
6 | Name some bands or music you like: Tsnuami Bomb, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, The Distillers and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs
7 | What is your opinion on ghosts?: um, am I supposed to have one? I think they exist but as far as being "good" or "bad" I don't know. That was just a weird question
8 | Post a random picture, not necessarily one of yourself and explain us clear why:
Thats my garbage can and the Cheetos were my sisters, I hate cheetos
9 | Name 3 of your favorite movies: The Nightmare Before Christmas, Fight Club and Pulp Fiction
10| What are you: divine
11| Where or from who did you hear of this community?: I was invited by captain_schmuck
12| Name some people who you are going to promote to: I can promote at my rating community dispelledbeauty and a bunch of kids will read it.

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You didn't read the rules too well, did you?..

Uhm, I dont know. You are quite pretty, but I really disliked your application, and the rules thing...

Maybe change some stuff and i'll give you a yes.

For now; No.
sorry, its just a habbit to add the music. I changed that though.
I read your app again... and I think the vote remains to be a no. sorry.
sorry though. you don't look 18. and you don't like cheetos.
i get that a lot, i swear to god I'm 18.
and read the fucking rules
hint.. the music option
deffinitly not..

nothing caught my eye.

and cheetos rock !!