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do i have the right to be vane?

Yet another rating community! Fill in the application form, below, post a few pics of yourself.. and.. be accepted! Or rejected..

Your Mods:




*make sure to fill this in!*

1 | name: Ashley Davis
2 | age: 15
3 | location: Bartlett TN, [close to memphis]
4 | hobbies: volleyball, swimming, music
5 | What are your best physical features?: smile and eyes
6 | Name some bands or music you like: maroon 5, sum41, new found glory, blink182, yellowcard.
7 | What is your opinion on ghosts?: im not sure. in a way i believe that theyre around, but in a way its kinda scary to think that someone could be sittin next to u and u dont even know it... lol.
8 | Post a random picture, not necessarily one of yourself and explain us clear why:
this is my friend jasons room. he painted that himself on his wall.
9 | Name 3 of your favorite movies: butterfly effect, lion king, unbreakable
10| What are you: divine
11| Where or from who did you hear of this community?: i was just searchin through the lj sight and stumbled upon it
12| Name some people who you are going to promote to: lindsey, alie, amber

im in the very middle with blonde hair

im the blonde one.

im the one on the end left
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