Bella Spaghetti (babyturnsblue) wrote in were_so_vain,
Bella Spaghetti

Do I have the right to be vain?

1 | name: Jessica Elizabeth
2 | age: 18
3 | location: chicago, IL.
4 | hobbies: music!, drawing, daydreaming, arguing
5 | What are your best physical features?: My pale skin, and I like my stomach :)
6 | Name some bands or music you like: Ska and darkwave mainly. JETS TO BRAZIL, against me!, bauhaus, cursive, death in june, the epoxies, face first, front line assembly, ladytron, london after midnight, monsignors, mustard plug, otis reem, rocket from the crypt, slow gherkin, streetlight manifesto, switchblade symphony, the cruxshadows, joy division, the cure, vnv nation, the smiths, cabaret voltaire, covenant...sorry, I'm a music nut!
7 | What is your opinion on ghosts?: They exist. I believe they are a form of concentrated energy. If you are able to harness all the energy of your mind, it is very powerful. If you think about most "hauntings", it's of usual great tragedy or sadness, therefore a lot of energy. Hard to explain what I mean...
8 | Post a random picture, not necessarily one of yourself and explain us clear why:

This is my kitten Nietzsche investigating my spooky laundry of velvet and goth cds. Taken just to be satirical ;)
9 | Name 3 of your favorite movies: A Clockwork Orange, Bedknobs and Broomsticks, Alice In Wonderland
10| What are you: divine
11| Where or from who did you hear of this community?: dispelledbeauty
12| Name some people who you are going to promote to: I'll put a link on my LJ, because I have vain friends who'll be interested.
Pictures: (excuse the crappy webcam)

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